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Revel Coast


Own life at the Revel Coast Resort.

Revel in the vibrant and joyous experiences of life. In the heart of the the world famous coastline and marina town of Cabo San Lucas, Revellers alike embrace a carefree retreat celebrating the sunshine, comforts, sounds, tastes and entertaining lifestyle shared at the upscale and welcoming, Revel Coast Resort. A landmark destination, providing an incredibly designed casual resort environment with all the amenities refined to lift spirits, refresh the soul and create experiences for all. The experience continues at the truly unique lifestyle resort as Revel Coast Resort is a premier, indoor/outdoor entertainment venue created for live performances and is also combined with the exclusive home of the first ever, Toby Keith’s – Red Cup Saloon, founded by the country music legend himself.

Own life, at the Revel Coast Resort, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico.

New Development

Revel Coast Capital is pleased to introduce the on-coming landmark resort property Revel Coast Resort in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. 

This development is part of a larger initiative in the core of the beloved town of Cabo San Lucas and has many exciting features to share with guests, partners and the Los Cabos community. Own life.

own life

“The Revel Coast Resort will be an incredible addition to the center of Cabo San Lucas and will quickly become a landmark.”

Respect and contribution.

We are privileged with the opportunity to work within the incredible landscape of the Baja, it’s natural beauty and luxury market, yet there is a deeper intrinsic value to our work in Los Cabos. Our properties not only provide a memorable retreat for our clients, but they also support the local economy, create jobs, and contribute to the community in meaningful ways. As a responsible and sustainable developer, we are committed to creating properties that not only meet the needs of our clients but also respect and enhance the natural beauty and cultural heritage of this incredible destination.


  1. To take great pleasure or delight (usually followed by in): to revel in the music.
  2. To indulge in boisterous festivities; celebrate.

Getting the most out of life is about time and experiences and our philosophy and focus is creating environments to embrace and own life.